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best phd proposal exampleSo, you are finally here. Time to put pen to paper, or key to keyboard and start hammering out the proposal or dissertation. And your mind has gone blank. It is not that you do not know what to write; it is that you do not know how to write it. And the fear of mistake has you paralyzed. What if you forget something important? What if you are rejected because you didn’t format the table on page 76 right? Or what to do if you don’t know anything about writing a thesis proposal?

What if?

Breathe. There is not much to worry about. You have just finished years of research in your field. A little more research into how the finished product should look will do you a bit of good. And it will calm your nerves. So here are some tips on writing a PhD proposal.

PhD Dissertation Proposal Sample for You

professional master thesis proposal exampleBefore you really start writing, you need to find out what format is required for your particular dissertation. It would be a tragedy to look at a PhD thesis proposal sample and start writing only to find that it was the wrong format for your degree program. For instance, a creative writing PhD proposal example will not help you in a STEM dissertation.

Just like a Master thesis proposal example will not help you in any of you dissertation writings. The PhD project proposal sample and the PhD dissertation proposal sample needs to reflect the format set by your program.

In many cases, your University and PhD candidate department will provide with a specific template to all their prospective doctoral candidates. The perfect sample thesis proposal is an actual dissertation that has been approved by the committee. Look at the most recent accepted dissertations.  Look at how the PhD proposal format is done in a successful one. You will not only see a PhD proposal example, you will have a sample dissertation proposal better than any free template.

By mimicking success, you have the best sample research proposal for PhD admission. Unless the approval committee has changed, they will not vary their requirements too much as time goes by. That is what I did when I wrote my thesis. My advisor suggested that how to get a well-structured proposal was to look at proposals that were in my field that had been recently approved for study.

Professionally Written PhD Proposal Example from Our Writers

creative sample dissertation proposalIt is all still very new to you. Yes, you have written papers in your undergraduate and graduate studies. You wrote your Master’s thesis with not too much difficulty. But this is different. Until now you have at most written a paper that was about 100 pages. On the dissertation level, you can expect to easily write well over that number. There are proposals that exceed that.

Once you factor in the title and abstract and the references, a dissertation is more like a Stephen King novel in size than the pamphlets you wrote earlier in your academic career. Our writers have been there, they have discovered all helpful tips of writing a PhD proposal. Some more than once. We have been through it and know the ins and outs, in a sense, we know a shortcut.

We can help you with any of your problems in your PhD proposal writing:

  • Research. Suppose there is a portion of your paper that needs more research or a new way of looking at the research that is there. We can find new sources and help you present that research in a fresh new way.
  • Editing and proofreading. Many dissertations are rejected if there are too many grammatical or syntax errors. It is expected that you at this point are experienced enough and have a strong enough command of the language to write with authority. We can help correct those easy to look mistakes before they become a problem.
  • Plagiarism check. There is always that possibility that a phrase that you use looks too much like someone else’s work. Even if you did not steal someone else’s ideas, because they wrote it first, even if you never saw it before, it will be assumed that you stole their ideas for your own. Plagiarism is the fastest way to be removed from a PhD program.
  • Paraphrasing. So, it was discovered that a phrase or a statement was too close for comfort in the plagiarism accusation. We can help you change the words around without taking away the underlying meaning of the statement.
  • Formatting. Every University and discipline will have its formatting requirements. Failure to follow those formatting guidelines is just as bad as submitting an indefensible thesis. And will be rejected outright. Why not trust us to make sure it is formatted right the first time?

Creative Writing PhD Proposal Example

After all, is said and done, the question of how to write research proposal for PhD dissertations still remain. Talk to your supervisor and others that have already earned their PhD or are in the same boat as you. They will have some insightful tips on writing a PhD proposal. As someone that has been there, all I can say is as an expert there is only one way to approach it.

In chunks. It sounds simple, but that is how to do it. Do not look at the proposal, the dissertation and all points in them and in between as one big document. You are sure to go mad.

Instead look at them as individual pieces. Look at the Introduction as its own project, separate from the Theory, the Findings, the Conclusions or any other part of the work. That way you are only focused on one part at a time. They are interconnected, but if you try to write the whole thing at once, you will get lost and bogged down.

Treat each part as its own assignment, only bringing it together at the end.

Bring your team onboard to help you assemble your puzzle today! Assemble your dissertation with the best PhD proposal example!

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